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Super Luchas MagazineSuper Luchas, Mexico's most popular Lucha Libre weekly news magazine, is making a push into the US market by offering discounted monthly, semi-annual and annual magazine subscriptions with an official re-launch sale.

The sales quantities are limited, so be sure to get your subscription to Super Luchas Revista today.  The site, as well as the magazine is in Spanish, of course, but if you don't hablas español, this will be a good way to practice, and get all the latest lucha libre news and photos. Sales


Finally, after a false start on account of the flu issue a few months back, it's time for the third annual Lucha Libre: La Experiencia Expo this weekend. Maska Lucha will be there, and we will hopefully have some photos next week! Image HT


Rob Zombie's animated Lucha Libre flick, The Haunted World of El Superbeasto, which reportedly cost $10 million to make, is finally getting released, however straight to DVD and Bluray. The dirty animated movie, starring luchadores, strippers, probably some zombies and a combination of the previously mentioned, features voices of Paul Giamatti, Cli...


For the serious lucha libre collector, an original, ring-worn Huracán Ramírez mask is up on Ebay. Autographed by Huracán, it looks to be in very good condition.  The mask is coming out of a private collection and is being sold by Super Luchas. Check it out here./p>


Burger King's latest ad promo is for the Texican Whopper, billed as "The taste of Texas, with a little, spicy Mexican".  As you can see, the 'Texas' part of the equation is represented by a lanky Texas cowboy, while the 'little, spicy Mexican' is none other than a luchador little person.  This has the Mexican ambassador to Spain's wrestl...


Muttpop, the maker of fine collectable art figurines, will be releasing a new figure to their popular Lucha Libre line, named Tequila 2.0. The new version of one of their original characters comes with a removable poncho and, blood.  I don't the blood is his, as I don't see any cuts on him...    You can pick up yours from the Muttp...

Read More... is reporting on a new Lucha Libre styled fitted hat being released by designer hat company 7Union. I can't seem to find much info on availability on the 7Union site. Looks pretty cool, but I think it was definitely inspired by Dos Caras design. What do you think?


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