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What are the Different Mask Grades?

Lucha Libre masks are usually advertised as being a specific "grade" or level of quality. Maska Lucha only offers Professional Grade / Gala or commercial masks.

Below are the grading specifications Maska Lucha uses to determine the quality of the masks we offer.

Professional or Pro-Grade masks are the real deal: These are the same masks that the luchador would wear during a fight. They are made of the best and strongest material, stitching is usually triple-stitched, and more attention is made to the details of the masks, the designs are cut and aligned better, and there is usually a inner-lining on the mask with padding to prevent irritation when wearing.

Gala or Presentation masks are the same as pro-grade masks, but the material is of a finer fabric. These masks are the same as worn by luchadors en public, such as press events. Occasionally, these masks have an 'open mouth' if the luchador doesn't already wear one in the ring. Price and quality are the similar as pro-grade.

Commercial Grade masks are made the same way as the pro-grade counterpart, but with cheaper materials. The inner lining is sometimes omitted as well. The only real difference is the fabric used, as the time involved to make the mask is the same.

Toy masks or jugetes are what you will find in the street outside of a wrestling arena. There's not even a point in comparing these to the other types mentioned earlier. Rarely are these products licensed by the luchador, and we don't sell them here.


Dr Wagner Jr. Mask - Camouflage and Black
Dr Wagner Jr. Mask - Camouflage and Black
Left Side View
Price $205.00
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One of Lucha Libre's most popular active wresters, Dr. Wagner Jr is known for unique colored mascaras, and this mask is no exception! 

This collector's mask features the Dr Wagner eye and mouth covering and Cuauhtemoc head dress images on both sides in black vinyl. These are stitched with excellent detail on a black, grey and white camouflage lycra covering.

This mask is cut to Dr. Wagner Jr's head size.

Delivery Time 2-3 Weeks
Enclosure Lace-up
Mouth Open
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